Client Story
Use Case Sustainability Factors

The Challenge

Rapidly consuming sustainability factor data, then applying data analytics whose output feeds into a decision-making framework

The Objective

Using Sustainability Factors to respond rapidly to emerging signals

What We Did

Sustainability factors are increasingly relevant in asset management decision-making. Anduril uses scientific methods, processes, algorithms and systems to gather insights and knowledge from noisy data (structured and unstructured) and works with clients to apply knowledge and actionable insights across a broad range of application domains.

How We Did It

Working with key leaders at the company, Anduril then identified key performance indicators and condensed the issues into a short-list of topics to inform company strategy, targets, and reporting.

The Outcome

The ESG KPIs empowered their sales force to react quickly to emerging ESG risks faced by their clients, assess the company product offerings and create targeted pitches to clients.