About us
We are driven by our passion for our work and delivering value to our clients
We measure our success
by our clients' success
Our Values
The Anduril team provides valuable contributions to each of our client projects. Through excellence, honesty, accountability and respect, our clients receive unparalleled insight from a diverse team of professionals.
Our Approach
We help companies define their pain points, and identify their Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to deliver solutions.
Our goal is to help you think deeper, see further and execute faster. We embrace challenge. Our instinct is to think outside the box and be a thought partner with you. We work with you to analyze data and to find patterns and trends so you can discover opportunities to gain actionable insight that address the challenges you are facing.
Our Team
  • Jonathan Neitzell

    Jonathan Neitzell

    Managing Partner

    Jon is the founder of Anduril Partners, an investment and advisory firm focused on the application of data-driven processes. Jon has over 20 years of technology and financial services experience as a portfolio manager, chief data officer, and has served on several boards and in advisory roles, inclu...
  • Bethany Schuttinga, PhD

    Bethany Schuttinga, PhD


    Dr. Bethany Schuttinga has served in a variety of global executive leadership positions and has consulted for several for-profit and non-profit organizations over the past 20+ years. She served for a number of years as the Director of Judicial Affairs at Iowa State University and also worked abroad ...
  • Scott Stanley

    Scott Stanley


    Before returning to his entrepreneurial roots in 2020, Scott most recently spent seven years in Big Four consulting, primarily with KPMG covering large global banks. At KPMG, he drove innovation and technology initiatives and led engagements within the firm's risk practices. He established and led F...
  • Preston Pope

    Preston Pope


    Early in his career, Preston developed a passion for data engineering and business analytics. Harnessing these interests, he began to take on a variety of internal roles developing custom workflow solutions and internal applications. These experiences became the catalyst for a unique career in IT....
  • Vikas Kalra

    Vikas Kalra


    Having both a teaching and engineering background, Vikas brings a systematic and empathetic approach to overcoming commercial challenges. He provides expertise and hands-on solutions for all aspects of commercial strategy including but not limited to sales operations, sales KPIs, sales methods, cus...
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