Sales - Quantifying and Qualifying Sales Stages
Sales - Quantifying and Qualifying Sales Stages


We have emerged through the looking glass and erupted into an upside down, volatile world. Wei Li, BlackRock global chief investment strategist, explained recently:

“We are in this new regime of higher macro volatility and higher market volatility and different to previous years...we have to be a lot more nimble.”

For company leaders, volatility necessitates an economic cushion for uncertainty and the agility to seize opportunities by working as client partners. Part of this solution, the sales process with its component sales stages, is the nexus of strategic vision and tactical execution.

  • How do you determine which opportunities to devote resources?
  • Where do you get the largest conversions in your customer journey?
  • How do you get customers through bottlenecks as they travel through a journey with your company?
  • Do your teams know the bottlenecks and have plans to tackle them?
  • Can you translate the buyers’ intentions into reliable forecasts for your investors and board?