Winning Through Data to Develop the Ideal Client Profile
Winning Through Data to Develop the Ideal Client Profile


We hold this truth to be self-evident, that your clients are your business. And in challenging times especially, building a great client experience is the cornerstone to your survival and long-term success. As Adam Grant says, people “want to know you're on their side.”

Limited resources and a myriad of opportunity sets requires pursuing opportunities for which you have the highest chances of winning. Winning comes from having the right clients, the clients who trust you and clients for whom you are best suited to help given all the assets, resources, and mission of your firm. You must have your customers’ trust to win the opportunities you choose to pursue.

Finding the match with the customers you are best suited to help requires a thoughtful approach to the following:

  • You have seen others use the “spray and pray” approach only to expend valuable resources chasing non-ideal clients with low close rates. How do you know where to focus and on whom to focus?
  • How do you assess not just the right clients today but also the right clients for the future?
  • How do you find and connect with these clients? How does one define “right”?

These are natural challenges that arise as leaders ascertain the best client-product fit. The ultimate answers always sit with the clients and being on their side. Best captured in the concept of the Ideal Client Profile (ICP), the key is to build a set of strategies/best practices to hone in on the ideal client.