KPI Design
Convert knowledge into insights
KPI Design
KPI Design
Convert knowledge into insights
Anduril Partners will bring our industry experience to help convert key business questions into KPI modeling and development – a universal language across Corporate, Quant, Fundamental, and Private Equity use cases. Our KPI design framework, as illustrated below, follows an iterative processes that originates with fundamental questions and hypotheses and ends with a validated source of information feeding actionable KPIs that provide a full picture of company performance.
Solutions Include:
Signal Development
Signals are a consistently identifiable prediction tailored to your specific opportunity and risk. We help you identify the right relationships in the data, track variance in your priority KPIs, and create alerts based on your focus parameters.
KPI Development
We guide you through an interactive process outlining what is most important to your success. This will aggregate available data into signals and predictions focused on providing north stars aligning internal efforts, and clarify vision to external stakeholders.
Dashboard Design & Build
We develop a canvas upon which KPI’s and signals are placed to represent current state while providing monitors & alerts, and initiating workflow activities. We pair graphic design experts with industry practitioners to generate maximimum value in dashboard design.
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