KPI Strategy
Let us help you reveal your ground truth
KPI Strategy
KPI Strategy
Reveal your Ground Truth
Put an end to blind bias, uninformed perspective, and haphazard decisions. Adopted from military doctrine, we will align your decision-making with our time-tested approach adapted from military process philosophy.
Anduril can help you put an end to uninformed and haphazard decisions. Adopted from military doctrine, Anduril’s model will align your decision-making that allows for continuous data gathering and a holistic suite of evolving KPIs, while providing you with a powerful platform for sound decision-making.
Solutions Include:
OODA-Driven Workshops & Design
The OODA (Observe, Orient, Decide, Act) Loop is a time-tested framework for executing, measuring, evaluating, and continuously improving on the fly that we have adopted to help drive a data-driven culture.
Technical Evaluation
We develop a solution that fits your organizational needs, resources and technology capabilities. We also evaluate data providers, existing vendors and offer alternative solutions when there are opportunities for improvement.
KPI Strategy
The Challenge
We help you solve
Most processes are isolated glimmers of effort orphaned in static slides, spreadsheets, and email. Tremendous effort can lead to little gain in market intelligence, scalable processes and effective decisions-making. Data will continue to increase exponentially and leave many companies at risk of slipping further behind the few companies with effective data-driven decision processes. The good news is that more tools and capabilities are continuing to emerge. Next generation efforts will progress towards an integrated single pane of glass combining internal and external qualitative and quantitative inputs. This software infrastructure will enable feedback loops and growing sophistication including accuracy, ML, and AI learning.
Other Anduril Solutions
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Materiality & Remediation
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Convert knowledge into insights
KPI Design
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Signal Development
KPI Development
Dashboard Design & Build
Workflows that drive demonstrable solutions
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Process Design
Workflow Implementation
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