Part 8 in 8 part series - Separating the Wheat from the Chaff
Bringing it Home and Upgrading Your Road Map
Part 8 in 8 part series - Separating the Wheat from the Chaff

Part 8 of 8

Bringing it Home For those interested in taking tangible steps to begin this journey, there are growing options to leverage technology and qualitative seasoned business acumen within process-driven software. This software integrates corporate intelligence and financial workflow decisions with inputs from fundamental business model views, statistical probabilities, real time nowcast data, internal analysis, and risk management into proprietary internal expected outcomes.

Factor and Fundamental KPI Example
Anduril Partners, Equity Data Science (EDS), and MSCI
Source: Anduril Partners, Equity Data Science (EDS), and MSCI

While this can be developed from scratch internally, increasingly these capabilities have already been developed from vertically focused vendors. In the view developed for the asset management diagram above, “Single Pane of Glass,” this allows nearly real-time integration of both existing and emerging priorities like ESG scores right into category rankings from classic financial workflow like demand-prediction, valuation, relative growth, profitability, quality and sentiment. This example rolls up into proprietary rules-based rankings scalable across all global assets in a consistent way.

Upgrade Your Roadmap In conclusion, this should be a great conversation starter for asset managers, investor relations professionals, and corporate management teams — how are you ranking and prioritizing your core key performance indicators and decision processes? If this is only being done through lip service, there are bold new tools available for your transition to a process-driven approach.

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